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4WD Suspension and Other Services in Perth

Expert Advice You Can Trust

The custom built workshop at Wilkinson Suspension Centre is fully equipped to cater for all your suspension needs including 4 wheel aligning utilising the latest laser technology, spring rate testing, computerised wheel balancing, spring, shock and bush installation as well as any other suspension or steering related service you may need.

4x4 Suspension

We stock and install a huge range of 4WD suspension parts, lift kits and lowering packages. We know that 4x4 drivers expect their vehicles to be able to tackle any terrain whether it be soft sand on the beach, rugged outback terrain or hard bitumen on the streets. That’s why at Wilkinson Suspension Centre we stock quality Oztec, Rancho and Tough Dog products as well as many other top brands to ensure that you get the most out of your 4WD.

Circuit and Performance Suspension

We understand the need for suspension that can withstand the tests of competition. That’s why we have high quality performance packages for your car to ensure it will always be handling at its peak. Whether it be for tarmac rally or circuit competitions, if you want to experience the full handling potential of your vehicle then ask us about what products we can supply and fit to give you the edge.

Everyday Driving

We understand that top end performance is not every customers priority. Often safety for parents and families is just as important. That’s why at Wilkinson Suspension Centre we offer expert advice on how to ensure your vehicle will stay in control under extreme conditions to keep you and your family safe.

Come in to visit our showroom in Perth to see what products will be ideal for you and your car. Or contact our friendly sales team for free, expert advice.

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