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ToughDog Foam Cell shocks are a large bore shock, (41mm) that are built for heavy-duty use and for coil sprung vehicles. The use of micro-cellular foam inserts has produced a new breed of shocks, which are more resistant to fade. The foam used in the shocks has tiny closed cells that contain gas bubbles. The oil inside the shock cannot mix with the gas bubbles inside the foam, thus allowing the shock to perform with less fade.


  • Large 41mm internal bore

  • Twin tube design

  • High Temperature fluid

  • 18mm, double chrome-plated rod

  • Additional welding on all studs & eyerings

  • 10 stage Velocity Sensitive Valving

  • Rod wiper seal and multi lip seal

  • Hydraulic rebound stop

  • 2 Year/40,000 warranty 

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